Eric Marshall

My name is Eric. I write and sing songs for this thing called Young Oceans. The two rules of this project have always been that we won’t sing anything we don’t truly believe and we won’t make music we wouldn’t want to lay on the floor and listen to ourselves.

So you’re cordially invited into our little world. Its a world of gut-honest prayers, of REAL communion with God and desire to tap into the conversation outside our current dimension. This is not a theology project. We’re not trying to align ourselves with any one Christians tradition. I love the sacramental traditions as well as the charismatic. All I truly know is my own way of connecting with the Lord and I just feel like I’m supposed to share that experience. I hope the lyrics and sounds speak more than I could explain here.

Most of the songs are written specifically to sing in a church gathering but the fun of recording them is to stretch them out, tear them up and sew them back in some strange new way. I’m privileged to work with incredible musicians and artists on all these songs… these folks don’t get enough credit. The ‘sound’ of Young Oceans is as much theirs as its mine.

Peace to you all. I hope this music can offer a bit of healing for your life.

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