Fred and Anita Von Canon

Fred and Anita have been married for 21 years. Theirs is a blended marriage.  Fred brought three teenage kids into the marriage and they have added two daughters who are now teenagers.  So their blended family is five kids and seven grandkids! 
Their backgrounds are a little different.  Fred came from a family who’s legacy, particularly around marriage, was a little different from Anita’s.  Fred’s parents have 11 marriages and Anita’s parents have been married almost 56 years.
When Anita isn’t playing ringmaster to their circus, she’s helping at school, tutoring math, or leading bible and prayer groups.

Fred’s time is split between running a business, being an active investor in a restaurant, and now running for the North Carolina state legislature.

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Growing up in an unstable blended home with 7 stepmoms left Fred Von Canon determined to change his legacy. Listen to his conversation with Ron Deal as he & his wife Anita describe their commitment toward creating a godly home in their own blended family. View Show Notes →