Gil and Brenda Stuart

Gil and Brenda live in Brush Prairie, Washington. They have seven children between them, who are all young adults. Gil graduated from Bethany Bible College; he is currently  an insurance broker and active in the community with marriage and family issues. Brenda was on staff as Children’s Pastor of their church and recently established a team building organization helping people communicate better in team environments.  Brenda is also involved with marriage and family initiatives.

They deliver a fresh style of encouragement to this ever-growing population in society— the blended family. Willing to speak the obvious from their own step family adventure, the Stuarts share heart to heart as they walk the walk. Gil and Brenda share their  “dirt under the fingernails” experience. They are very real, very approachable and right on with their encouragement.

Gil and Brenda Stuart are Prepare-Enrich certified through Life Innovations. They are founding board members of Thriving Families of Clark County, WA, members of Smart Marriages, Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage Video Presenters, members of Better Marriages, Certified Marriage Team coaches and are sought after for radio and television interviews.

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