Heather DeJesus Yates

Heather is a wife, mama, business owner, international speaker, blogger, an occasional lawyer/legislative advocate and two-timed author. Heather traded in her career in law and politics years ago to serve as the women’s leader at her local church. While her passion grew to see women experience new life in Christ, her focus shifted to home as her family grew through adoption and fostering.

After several beautiful and challenging years of parenting, her childhood dream came true and Heather was able to publish her first book, then a second. Her latest book, “A Mother of Thousands – From Barren to Revolutionary”, canvasses her journey through infertility grief, adoption and fostering, and gives real hope for those grieving broken dreams. Heather believes that though she is barren physically, by God’s grace she can become a mother of thousands by living in the reality of the gospel with the next generation. Her mission is clear: plant small – root deep – bear life! Today, Heather can be found raising a beautiful little girl, mentoring, cooking mediocre meals, writing, speaking, training in spiritual direction and feeding the family fish.

Heather speaks and writes on many topics facing women today, but especially on how the gospel brings freedom from shame, soul rest in the midst of chaos, a secure identity in Christ, healing for broken dreams and a firm hope for our future. Heather lives with her husband and daughter on a hay farm in the foothills of the Appalachians of Tennessee, where you can find her driving her 1953 Chevy truck named Wild Pearl. You can also read more from her at www.heatherdejesusyates.com and on Instagram @heatherdejesusyates.

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