Heather Hetchler

Heather is an author, speaker, life coach and the founder of www.CafeSmom.com. As a full-time stepmom her passion is to help stepmothers define their own positive path to success. Heather brings positive resources, encouragement, and support to stepmothers while also speaking on divorce recovery and stepfamily issues. She is also the co-author of Unwrapping The Gift of Stepfamily Peace. She resides in Cleveland, OH with her husband, four children, and two stepchildren.

Tips For Smart Stepmoms 3

Wise Advice for Stepmoms

Being a stepmom is hard. Stepmoms Laura Petherbridge, Gayle Grace and Heather Hetchler offer their very best advice for becoming the best stepmom you can be.

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Tips For Smart Stepmoms 2

Blended Family Blunders

What’s the biggest mistake couples make when trying to blend a family? Stepmoms Laura Petherbridge, Heather Hetchler and Gayla Grace, share their perspective on this question and more.

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Tips For Smart Stepmoms 1

Step-Mothers Know Best

Stepmothers Laura Petherbridge, Heather Hetchler and Gayla Grace talk about the challenges they’ve faced blending a family and becoming effective stepmothers.

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