Jake and Rebecca Mutz

Rebecca (Rainey) Mutz and her husband Jake live in Colorado with their children. Besides writing, she loves to cook, bake, decorate, read, and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors.  Rebecca shares openly shares the story of her grief, healing, and hope in regards to her children Molly Ann, Micah William, and two others lost through miscarriage. Jake and Rebecca Mutz hope to use their daughter Molly’s life as a way to share Christ with others and bring glory to God. Rebecca co-authored a book with her mother, Barbara Rainey, called A Symphony in the Dark about their experiences.

Rebecca is also the co-Author of So You Want to be a Teenager with Thomas Nelson.

25 Years Of Radio Holy Scars 2

Beauty From Ashes

Sometimes God takes something we’d categorize as good, and shakes it up so He gets all the glory. Hear the stories of John and Donna Bishop, Andy and Nikki Bray, and Jake and Rebecca Mutz.

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Suffering And Loss

Suffering and Loss

Dena Yohe, Dennis Rainey, and Rebecca and Jake Mutz talk about their moments of profound grief, and how it infiltrated their faith and caused it to grow.

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Loss Of A Child Day 3

The Hope of Resurrection

Surrounded by family, Jake and Rebecca Mutz surrendered their newborn daughter to the arms of Jesus.

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Loss Of A Child Day 2

Something is Terribly Wrong

Jake and Rebecca tell how they waited to hear the diagnosis that could mean life or death for their firstborn daughter, Molly.

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Loss Of A Child Day 1

The Joy of Birth in the Shadow of Fear

When baby Molly didn’t cry for four minutes after delivery, a new mother’s worst fears began to materialize.

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