Jan Stoop

Dr. Jan Stoop is a counselor, author, and seminar speaker. Together with her husband David, Jan Stoop has written When Couples Pray Together, The Complete Marriage Book, and The Complete Parenting Book. They lead seminars and retreats on topics such as marital relationships, men's issues, fathering, and forgiveness. Married for more than fifty years, they have three sons and six grandchildren and live in Newport Beach, California, where David has his counseling practice. Learn more at www.drstoop.com.

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In order to manage what you feel, you need to be able to understand why you're feeling it, explains authors and counselors David and Jan Stoop. View Show Notes →
When they first married, counselors David and Jan Stoop didn't know what they were getting into. They didn't understand the dynamics of their emotional world. Learn how they discovered the value of EQ. View Show Notes →