Jason & Tori Benham

Jason and Tori Benham have been married for more than twenty years, own several businesses together, and are passionate about helping couples thrive in marriage. Their family hit the public stage in 2014 when Jason and his twin brother, David, were fired by HGTV for their public stand on Biblical values. Many consider the Benhams to be the "OG of Cancel Culture." Since that time, the brothers travel the country encouraging believers to stand strong for their faith, whatever the cost.

Jason and Tori grew closer to each other as a result of this very public fight. Their book, Beauty in Battle, chronicles their story and the practical ways the conflict that could've torn them apart actually drew them together.

Jason holds a Master's Degree in Christian Counseling and Tori is a certified Emotional Intelligence and Enneagram coach. They live in Charlotte, NC along with their four kids.

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