Jeff and Beth McCord

Jeff and Beth McCord are the founders of Your Enneagram Coach, a community designed to be a safe place for individuals to explore a Christ-centered Enneagram. Through their teaching, they guide individuals, couples, and groups to self-awareness and life-enhancing growth. Their mission is to help people see themselves with astonishing clarity, so they can break free from self-condemnation, fear, and shame through the unconditional love, forgiveness, and freedom in Christ.

With their Becoming Us marriage book, course curriculum, date night events, and retreats, the McCords combine their more than 20 years of marriage wisdom, pastoral experience, and Enneagram studies to provide a roadmap for couples to break free from unhealthy patterns, align their marriage with the Gospel, and grow into the couple God designed them to be.

Jeff and Beth live in Nashville, Tennessee, with their kids, Nate and Libby.

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The enneagram gives us insight into our unique gifts & contributions. But it shouldn’t be the ultimate source of our identity. Ron Deal talks with Jeff & Beth McCord about interpreting core types alongside the truth of the Gospel as we relate to others. View Show Notes →