Jennie Allen

Jennie Allen’s passion is to inspire a new generation of women to encounter the invisible God. She loves words, believing that God uses them to heal souls and to reveal Himself to people. She is the author of the popular DVD-based studies Stuck and Chase.

Jennie serves alongside her husband, Zac in ministry in Austin, Texas. They have 4 children.

Growing In Your Faith Day 3

Drawing Near to Those Who Are Far

A dangerous prayer? Or a step of faith toward great adventures?

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Growing In Your Faith Day 2

Signing Over Your Life

We’ll do anything. That’s the prayer that Jennie Allen and her husband, Zac, told God.

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Growing In Your Faith Day 1

Breaking the Idols

Jennie had grown up in church. And by all accounts, she had everything going for her, including a strong walk with God.

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