Doing Life With Your Adult Kids 3

Staying Connected, Letting Go

What’s the best way to nurture a healthy relationship with your grown children? Jim Burns encourages parents to continue to show their love and support to their grown children even if there have been years of distance between you.

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Doing Life With Your Adult Kids 2

Your Adult Kids and Finances

At what point do you cut your children off financially? Jim Burns cautions parents not to enable their adult children by continually giving them money or bailing them out. Burns also answers challenging questions about adult kids visiting with their significant others.

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Doing Life With Your Adult Kids 1

Keep Your Mouth Shut and the Welcome Mat Out

Jim Burns coaches parents of adult children on how to keep the relational ties open once their young adults leave home. He shares what to do if adult children come back home temporarily, and tells how he’s living this out with his own daughter.

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The First Few Years Of Marriage 3

Facing Conflict

Every couple will have conflict. But it’s how they handle that conflict that makes all the difference. Jim Burns explains that fear is often hiding behind our defensiveness. But once you realize your fears, you can face them and handle conflict better.

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The First Few Years Of Marriage 2

Laugh for a Happier Marriage

The best thing a couple can do for their marriage is to pray together every day. The second best: laugh. Author and counselor Jim Burns encourages any couple who wants to win in marriage to laugh a lot.

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The First Few Years Of Marriage 1

The Critical Years of Marriage

Jim Burns explains why the early years of marriage are critical. Burns looks back on his own early years of marriage and the difficulties that arose from having a high-maintenance marriage.

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