John Majors

John and his wife Julie met in college while both active as students with Campus Crusade for Christ (now Cru). After graduation, they married and started serving full time in college ministry. During their time on campus, they noticed how much of what shapes a college student comes directly from their parents: the good, bad, and even the ugly. Seeing this caused their burden to serve in family ministry to grow, eventually leading to them serving with FamilyLife.

It was in this season where their passion for helping families connect and parents intentionally invest in their children grew. They came to see that great resources were one of the best tools toward that end. John helped create projects like The Art of Marriage®, Stepping Up®, and Passport2Purity®. He wrote, produced, and hosted Passport2Identity, and the companion book "True Identity." John has taught Bible classes internationally in Rwanda and Fiji. His whole family lived in Fiji as missionaries for half of 2018. Together John and Julie speak on marriage across the country at Weekend to Remember® conferences.

John met Jason Houser through their collaboration on Passport2Purity and Passport2Identity, for which Seeds created the Journey Album. John & Jason’s friendship grew and over time they came to envision working together to help families memorize Scripture around the family table. After Twenty years of serving with FamilyLife and Cru, John began working with Seeds in 2019.

John and Julie share a passion for the family table since it is one of the most measurable predictors of family health. The more undistracted meals a family shares together, the healthier they tend to be, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. And every meal makes a measurable difference. John’s burden is to create the tools to make faith training easy at the table, and Julie’s burden is to help families capture a vision for the role good food plays in bringing families to the table and shaping family culture. John’s work with Seeds focuses on writing family devotions and blogs to come alongside families in their efforts to memorize Scripture and to help parents intentionally pass on their faith to their family.

John and Julie live with their three children in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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