John Majors

John Majors and his wife Julie have served with FamilyLife® since 2000. John helps create resources like The Art of Marriage®, Stepping Up®, and Passport2Identity®. John and Julie also speak at Weekend to Remember® events. They have three little children and live in Little Rock, Arkansas.

True Identity 3

Ready for Relationships

What do our teens need to know about love? John Majors recalls his own awkward encounters with the opposite sex when he was 13, and admits he had no concept of what dating was all about.

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True Identity 2

Understanding Gender Identity

Author John Majors coaches parents on how to instill a strong gender identity in their sons and daughters. As they study God’s Word, teens can discover the primary calling of each gender.

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True Identity 1

Transitioning to Adolescence

Becoming a teenager is a big transition because so many new experiences are on the horizon. In his new book,Writer John Majors explains to teens what they’re likely to face.

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Passport2identity 5

A Teen on a Mission

John Majors and Michelle Hill talk to parents about how, with God’s help, kids can do more than anyone ever expected them to.

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Passport2identity 4

Relational Identity

John Majors and Michelle Hill help parents discuss friendships, mentors, and opposite sex relationships with their teens through FamilyLife’s new resource, Passport2Indentity™.

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Passport2identity 3

Spiritual Identity

John Majors and Michelle Hill coach parents on helping their teens embrace the Christian faith as their own.

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Passport2identity 2

Masculinity and Femininity

What defines real femininity and real masculinity? Michelle Hill and John Majors help parents explain to their teens what manhood and womanhood are really all about.

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Passport2identity 1


Michelle Hill and John Majors discuss a teen’s longing for independence and how parents want this too, but that tensions often arise as they guide a son or daughter to successfully stand on their own.

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