Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards (M.Div, Th.M) has served churches in various roles for over 10 years, from music and creative arts/graphic design to serving and equipping college students. He recently served as the Director of Curriculum for Docent Group, where he also served as a lead writer. His writing has been featured on Desiring God, The Gospel Coalition, the ERLC, Christ & Pop Culture, and Relevant Magazine. He is the author of Left: Making Sense of Life When a Parent Leaves (Rainer Publishing, 2016). Currently, he and his wife live in Durham, North Carolina, where he leads a tech startup focused on redeeming the value and use of social media in everyday life. Follow him on social platforms at @NotThePuritan.

Left 2

Father Wounds

Jonathan Edwards gives keen insight into the reality of what occurs in the life and heart of a child when a parent chooses to leave the family through divorce.

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Left 1

Holes: The High Cost of Leaving

When Jonathan Edwards’ father left, his absence left a giant hole in the hearts of his family members. As Edwards admits, “There is a different pain that comes from being left.”

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