Joy McClain

Through song writing, publishing (over 150 short stories, Bible studies and articles), teaching, counseling and public speaking Joy passionately helps women understand their redemptive position in Christ. Joy has a unique call, marrying what women desire to express to words that give them a voice in which to do so. Married for 26 years, 20 of which involved a battle against her husband Mark’s alcoholism, she and Mark have four children and live in Greenwood, Indiana.

Spiritually Mismatched Day 3

I Trust You, Lord, with My Marriage

Joy McClain tells how she and her kids moved out and away from her abusive husband.

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Spiritually Mismatched Day 2

The Downward Spiral

For Joy McClain, living with an alcoholic husband had become a nightmare.

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Spiritually Mismatched Day 1

Lessons From a Wife That Chose to Stay

He was her knight in shining armor. At least until they married.

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