JP Pokluda

Jonathan “JP” Pokluda is the Lead Pastor of Harris Creek Baptist Church in Waco, TX. He was formerly the leader of The Porch in Dallas, TX which grew to be the largest weekly young adult gathering of its kind in the country. JP didn’t come to understand the grace of the Gospel until his early twenties after being involved in different denominational churches his entire life. This ignited a desire in him to inspire young adults to radically follow Jesus Christ and unleash them to change the world. His book, Welcome to Adulting, offers millennials a roadmap to navigating faith, finding a spouse, finances, and the future. Most recently, he wrote Welcome to Adulting: Survival Guide, that provides a 42-day guide to surviving adulthood.

JP's partner in ministry is Monica, his wife of fifteen years, and together they disciple their children Presley, Finley, and Weston.

Episodes appearing in

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