Kay Arthur

Kay Arthur is one of America’s best-known and most-beloved Bible teachers and authors. With her husband, Jack, she is the co-founder of Precept Ministries International, the leaders in inductive Bible-study resources. Kay also reaches hundreds of thousands of people internationally through her “Precept upon Precept” inductive Bible studies. In addition, her daily and weekly television programs air on over 900 stations in 30 countries.

25 Years Of Radio Influential Voices 2

Preachers and Teachers

Studying and teaching the Bible is of great importance. Hear from noted bible teachers Chuck Swindoll, Kay Arthur, John MacArthur, and Tony Evans.

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Celebrating Christ At Christmas 1

The Power of the Name of Jesus

What’s in a name? When the name is Jesus, there’s a whole lot more than you might first imagine. Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Barbara Rainey, Crawford Loritts, and Kay Arthur discuss the name above all names.

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Romance And Sex Day 2

Having a Marriage Without Regrets, Part 2

Do you want to develop greater love and intimacy in your marriage?

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Biblical Foundation For Marriage Day 1

Having a Marriage Without Regrets, Part 1

If our marriages are going to flourish, we must know God’s standard for success.

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Mental And Emotional Issues Day 3

Healing for Marriage

Does your marriage forecast look gloomy?

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Mental And Emotional Issues Day 2

Knowing Our Kinsman Redeemer

Has someone maliciously hurt you or someone you love?

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Mental And Emotional Issues Day 1

Finding Healing Through God’s Medicine

Where do you turn when you’re in pain?

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Spiritual Habits Day 2

Going Deep

Are you swimming in the Word of God or barely getting your feet wet?

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Spiritual Habits Day 1

Lord, Teach Me to Study

Why should we study the Bible?

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