Kim and Corwin Anthony

Corwin was a preseason, All Pac-10 tight end for UCLA in the late 1980's and graduated with an economics degree in 1991. He had a brief stint in the NFL with the LA Rams, NY Jets and Green Bay Packers. In 1996 Corwin joined the staff of Promise Keepers in Denver, CO. While there he served in the Field Ministry Division for 4 years, helping churches build and strengthen their men’s ministries. In 2000 Corwin and his wife, Kim, joined the staff of Athletes in Action to serve as chaplain for the Miami Dolphins. Corwin was also invited to serve full-time as the National Director of Pro Ministries for Athletes in Action. He now oversees the AIA chaplaincy positions within the NFL and serves on the AIA executive leadership team. He and his wife Kim currently reside in Centerville, OH with their two sons, Khari and Caleb.

Episodes appearing in

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