Kirsten And Benjamin Watson

Kirsten Watson is a mom of seven and wife of author and retired NFL player Benjamin Watson. After graduating from the University of Georgia with a marketing and Spanish degree, Kirsten worked for a Fortune 500 company and then in the nonprofit sector, aspiring to one day run her own company. Now she’s CEO of a family of nine and the executive editor of MomLife Today. With Benjamin, she founded the One More foundation and together they cohost Why or Why Not with the Watsons. Learn more at or follow Kirsten @_kirstenwatson_.

Episodes appearing in

Mom of 7, wife of an NFL athlete, and podcaster Kirsten Watson is asked, "How do you do it?" She believes to take a breath of God's Word is to exhale peace. View Show Notes →
Gods story for Kirsten Watson and NFL Super Bowl champ Benjamin Watson has spiraled them through 15 NFL seasons, seven kids, and plenty of plot twists. View Show Notes →
Kirsten Watson and NFL Super Bowl champ Benjamin Watson know well the scrabble for identity apart from connections, accomplishments, and best-laid plans. View Show Notes →