Kurt Bruner

Kurt and his wife, Olivia, have been married since 1985 and have four great kids. He serves as Pastor of Spiritual Formation at Lake Pointe Church and on adjunct faculty with Dallas Theological Seminary. A graduate of Talbot Seminary and former Vice President with Focus on the Family, Kurt led the teams creating films, magazines, books and the popular Adventures in Odyssey program. As President of HomePointe Inc. Kurt also helps local church leaders create a culture of intentional families. He has written more than a dozen books including It Starts At Home, The Purpose of Passion, Finding God in the Lord of the Rings, and Fatherless, a novel co-authored with Dr. James Dobson.

Spiritual Development Day 3

The Secret Ingredients to a Spiritually

Milk keeps their bones strong. But what are you doing to keep their faith strong?

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Spiritual Development Day 2

Baby Steps to Becoming Intentional

Research shows that young adults are leaving the church in droves.

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Spiritual Development Day 1

Spiritually Shaping Your Kids

You enroll them in Sunday school, AWANA and Christian school.

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