Leslie Leyland Fields

Leslie Fields writes for Christianity Today as a feature writer and columnist and writes freelance for a number of other magazines and journals. She is also a speaker, and between speaking and writing, she also runs a professional writing business, The Northern Pen, performing manuscript critique. She earned a Bachelor’s degree from Cedarville University, a Master’s in English and Journalism from University of Oregon.

Leslie lives on Kodiak Island, Alaska, in a house on a cliff over the North Pacific waters of the Gulf of Alaska. Since 1978, Leslie spends her summers at Harvester Island off the west coast of Kodiak Island, where she, her husband and their 6 children are the island’s only inhabitants. There they work in an extended family fishing operation.

What I Dont Want To Do

What I Don’t Want to Do

Leslie Leyland Fields, Elisabeth Elliot Gren, Mary Mohler, and Donovan Campbell share their stories about choosing to do the hard things God called them to do.

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Road Trips

Road Trips

It’s spring break! Let’s take a road trip. Leslie Leyland Fields, David Nasser, and Dru Joyce II share the stories of epic journeys taken with God.

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The Journey Of Forgiveness

The Journey of Forgiveness

What is forgiveness? What isn’t it? Join us on the journey of biblical forgiveness with Leslie Leyland Fields, Voddie Baucham, and Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth.

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Surprise Child 2

Facing Pregnancy? Again

Leslie Leyland Fields talks about the feelings and concerns women have when they find themselves unexpectedly pregnant. Leslie shares how the shock of becoming pregnant at 43, eventually became joy

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Surprise Child 1

A Baby on the Way–Surprise, Surprise!

Author Leslie Leyland Fields, a mother of six, talks candidly about her experience of coping with an unplanned pregnancy not once, but twice, many years after she thought her family was complete.

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Forgiving Our Fathers And Mothers 3

Taking on the Heart of Forgiveness

Leslie Leyland Fields reflects on her own journey of forgiveness which began one Sunday as the Lord’s Prayer pierced her heart. Leslie shares what she did to see her father through the eyes of Christ.

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Forgiving Our Fathers And Mothers 2

Baby Steps to Forgiveness

Leslie Leyland Fields talks about forgiving her father after years and years of estrangement. Leslie shares what God taught her about forgiving those who love us least.

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Forgiving Our Fathers And Mothers 1

Finding Freedom from Hurt and Hate

Leslie Leyland Fields recalls the first time she and her six kids traveled to visit her estranged father. Leslie talks about their visit, and her childhood growing up with a mentally ill father.

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In Praise of Large Families

How many children does it take to make a large family? Four? Six? Eight?

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Elementary Day 2

Myth #2: Good Parenting Leads to Happy

Good parenting is hard work, and not always appreciated by your kids.

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