Marian Jordan Ellis

Marian's powerful testimony of coming to brokenness and emptiness and her dynamic account of the gentle mercy and forceful grace of Christ who called her into His love, permeates all of her writings and speaking engagements. Whole in Christ and ready to tell any ear that will listen, Marian has a passion for leading others to her Redeemer.

She is a dynamic speaker that leaves indelible marks on her audience... painful rib cages from laughter, and mind-searing impressions of being so-dead-on to one’s private dilemmas. Marian has the gift of applying sound Biblical truth to the tender wounds of bleeding hearts. The girl can teach. The girl can relate. And the girl can move a wounded heart to change through an introduction to Jesus Christ, the Lord and Lover of her soul.

Today Marian is the founder of Redeemed Girl Ministries. She is an active Bible study teacher, conference speaker and published author. She is a graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Marian lives in San Antonio with her husband Justin and their two boys, Andrew and Brenden.

Episodes appearing in

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