Matt Chandler

Matt Chandler is the lead pastor of The Village Church, a multi-campus church in the Dallas metroplex of over 10,000 people. His sermons are among the topselling (free) podcasts on itunes and he speaks at conferences worldwide. Prior to accepting the pastorate at The Village, Matt had a vibrant itinerant ministry for over ten years where he spoke to hundreds of thousands of people in America and abroad about the glory of God and beauty of Jesus. He lives in Texas with his wife, Lauren, and their three children: Audrey, Reid and Norah.

Heaven Minded

Heaven Minded

You have three months to live. What do you do? Matt and Lauren Chandler faced this reality when Matt was diagnosed with brain cancer. They tell their story, and how their focus on heaven was sharpened.

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Resolving Conflict In Relationships

Resolving Conflict in Relationships

Matt Chandler, Tiffany Lee, Chip Ingram, and Tim Muehlhoff address the dynamics involved in conflict, and coach us toward resolution and closer relationships in the aftermath.

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Manhood 2

Men as Fathers

Pastor Matt Chandler talks to men about the responsibilities they bear as fathers.

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Manhood 1

Men as Husbands

Hear a message by Matt Chandler, pastor of the The Village Church in Highland Village, TX, on what it means to be a man who initiates, nourishes, and cherishes his wife.

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Hardship And Suffering Day 2

Living in Light of Eternity

When someone receives a clean bill of health after battling cancer, a nagging shadow of doubt remains.

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Hardship And Suffering Day 1

The Day Everything Changed

Thanksgiving Day 2009 is forever etched in the mind of Lauren Chandler.

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Homosexuality Day 1

A Biblical Response to Homosexuality

When biblical truth collides with postmodernism, Christians are often left speechless.

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Romance And Sex Day 1

Q&A on God and Sex, Part 1

After asking his congregation to send in their questions about sex and intimacy, pastor Matt Chandler’s internet mailbox was flooded.

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