Michelle Hill

Radio has been ingrained in Michelle for most of her life. This love for radio has taken her to various radio stations and ministries in places like Chicago, Alaska and other snow covered terrains like her hometown in north central Iowa. In 2005 she landed on staff with Cru/FamilyLife®. While at FamilyLife she has overseen the expansion of FamilyLife Today® internationally, assisted with the creation of Passport2Identity™-Womanhood and is now the host of FamilyLife This Week®.

For the last 15+ years Michelle has been mentoring young women and is passionate about helping them find their identity in God. She also has a fascination for snowflakes and the color yellow. Michelle makes her home in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Sex And The Single Girl 2

Talking About Sex

Juli Slattery and Michelle Hill engage in a lively discussion about sexuality. Slattery coaches mothers how to talk to their daughters about sex.

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Sex And The Single Girl 1

Sex and Singleness

Juli Slattery and Michelle Hill talk about sexuality as it relates to singleness. Hill, who is single, talks honestly about being single in a sex-crazed culture.

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What Did We Do Wrong

What Did We Do Wrong?

If a child has strayed from the faith of his parents, it’s tempting for parents to question what they did wrong. Phil Waldrep, Bob Lepine, and Michelle Hill offer hope for families of prodigals.

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Faith Journeys

Faith Journeys

Just like snowflakes, everyone’s faith journey is unique. Hear the stories of faith from our guests, Andrew Palau, and FamilyLife This Week’s Michelle Hill.

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Passport2identity 5

A Teen on a Mission

John Majors and Michelle Hill talk to parents about how, with God’s help, kids can do more than anyone ever expected them to.

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Passport2identity 4

Relational Identity

John Majors and Michelle Hill help parents discuss friendships, mentors, and opposite sex relationships with their teens through FamilyLife’s new resource, Passport2Indentity™.

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Passport2identity 3

Spiritual Identity

John Majors and Michelle Hill coach parents on helping their teens embrace the Christian faith as their own.

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Passport2identity 2

Masculinity and Femininity

What defines real femininity and real masculinity? Michelle Hill and John Majors help parents explain to their teens what manhood and womanhood are really all about.

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Passport2identity 1


Michelle Hill and John Majors discuss a teen’s longing for independence and how parents want this too, but that tensions often arise as they guide a son or daughter to successfully stand on their own.

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