Michelle Nietert

Licensed Professional Counselor of 25 years, Michelle Nietert, M.A., LPC-S is the best selling coauthor of the Managing Your Emojis, God I Feel Sad and God, I Feel Scared: Bringing Big Emotions to a Bigger God series, Loved and Cherished, and the award-winning book for adults Make Up Your Mind.

She leads a team of counselors as the clinical director of Community Counseling Associates in the Dallas, TX area. A popular speaker on topics regarding mental health, faith, and parenting, she is a frequent guest on national television and podcasts, including a weekly "Mental Health Monday" spot on Magic 104.1 in OKC and hosts the Raising Mentally Healthy Kids™ podcast.

She and her husband Drew have been married 20 years with two school aged children. Connect with Michelle at YourMentalHealthCoach.com and on Instagram or Facebook.

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Helping your kids with their emotions is a critical life skill, yet we often don’t equip kids with these valuable skills. Ron Deal speaks with Michelle Nietert, LPC, about common feelings kids in blended families experience and how parents can help. View Show Notes →