Mike Berry

Mike Berry is the cofounder, along with his wife, Kristin, of the award-winning parenting blog Confessions of an Adoptive Parent and the support and resource site Oasis Community. He is a featured writer and influencer for Disney website Babble.com, and his work has also been featured on Yahoo Parenting, The Good Men Project, The Huffington Post, RightNow Media, Michael Hyatt's Platform University, Great Big Story, Focus on The Family Radio, Moody Radio, Disney, and Jeff Goin’s Tribe Writer’s Conference.

A sought-after speaker, he travels across the U.S. extensively throughout the year to camps, retreats, and conferences. Before becoming a full-time author and speaker, he spent 17 years in family life ministry in churches in Ohio and Indiana. He lives just north of Indianapolis, Indiana, on a farm with his wife and their eight children. www.confessionsofanadoptiveparent.com

Episodes appearing in

Mike Berry explains the shift that happens to kids as they move into adolescence and parents become seemingly secondary to their child's friends. Berry encourages parents to stay engaged and involved. View Show Notes →
Mike Berry recalls the dark season of his parenting years when his son was out of control and injured another child. Berry tells how being willing to confess and offer grace to forgive is key in winning a child's heart. View Show Notes →
Mike Berry gives an honest look at the challenging side of adoption. Berry tells parents considering adoption that their number one need is for education and community, and promises there will be hardship alongside the joy. View Show Notes →
Mike Berry tells what led him and his wife to pursue adoption and foster parenting. Berry encourages couples to adopt if they feel led, but warns them that at some point they will feel like they are running into a wall. View Show Notes →