Mike Haney

A married dad since 1993, divorced dad since 1998, and remarried dad & stepdad since 2001, Mike Haney knows how stepdads struggle to navigate their blended families.

Born into a traditional nuclear family, he had no experience with how to deal with the end of his first marriage and the divorce, single parenting, remarriage, and 20+ years as a stepdad that followed.

Even with professional success as an engineer & MBA, advisor to major oil companies, entrepreneur and local elected official, that didn’t translate into his complex roles as husband, dad and stepdad.

He and his wife Jayna searched for answers, speaking and teaching others on intentional marriage and complex stepfamily issues to local and national audiences. A certified Stepfamily Foundation Stepfamily Coach, Mike has advised couples, families and individuals on the challenges of stepfamily life.

Now: he delivers coaching and programs focusing on the specific needs of stepfathers.

Mike helps men know how to create and support their complicated, imperfect but uniquely beautiful blended family. He helps other stepfathers see their situations more clearly, understand the deep feelings inside, and take the right actions for everyone involved.

Mike’s strongest wish is for other stepdads to find peace and love in their own homes, to feel less lonely and isolated, and to be able to navigate the complex forces around them.

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