Nathan Clarkson

Nathan Clarkson is an actor, author, filmmaker, artist, poet, and full-time wannabe philosopher. He is the coauthor of the bestselling book Different, and has acted in numerous popular TV shows and films. Nathan lives between, New York City, Los Angeles, and his hometown of Monument, Colorado where he hangs out with his Golden retriever, Darcy.

Episodes appearing in

Nathan Clarkson, points out 15 characteristics that join together to define a good man, including adventurous, devout, heroic, and emotional. He coaches parents who might be raising an artistic child like he was. View Show Notes →
Nathan Clarkson talks about the unique role men play in God's creation and points to Christ as the embodiment of all that a man should be. View Show Notes →
Nathan Clarkson reflects on the first thirty years of his life as someone who is "different," In his search to find his identity, Clarkson describes his journey to find out what a good man is and does. View Show Notes →