Phil Waldrep

Phil Waldrep is a speaker, author, and founder of Phil Waldrep Ministries. He is married to Debbie Waldrep, and has two daughters — Maegan Schwindling and Melodi Waldrep. His daughter Maegan and her husband T.C. Schwindling are the parents of his granddaughter, Emory.

Starting as a vocational evangelist in 1975, Phil has lead over 1,000 revivals, speaking at some of America’s leading churches like Thomas Road Baptist in Lynchburg, Virginia; First Baptist Church in Orlando, Florida; First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida; Bellevue Baptist in Memphis, Tennessee; and Shadow Mountain Community Church in San Diego, California – home of Dr. David Jeremiah and Turning Point Ministries.

His books Parenting Prodigals: Six Principles to Get Your Son or Daughter Back to God and The Grandparent Factor: Five Ways to make a Difference in the Life of your Grandchild have been well received and include endorsements from Art Linkletter, Dr. David Jeremiah, Josh McDowell, and former Vice President Dan Quayle.

What Did We Do Wrong

What Did We Do Wrong?

If a child has strayed from the faith of his parents, it’s tempting for parents to question what they did wrong. Phil Waldrep, Bob Lepine, and Michelle Hill offer hope for families of prodigals.

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Reaching Your Prodigal 3

What Do I Do Now?

Phil Waldrep gives parents several practical steps they can take when dealing with a prodigal son or daughter.

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Reaching Your Prodigal 2

Prodigals in All Shapes and Sizes

Phil Waldrep explains the motives behind the various types of prodigals.

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Reaching Your Prodigal 1

What Did I Do Wrong?

Phil Waldrep reassures parents that they aren’t to blame for their child’s rebellion but there are things they can do to lower the risk.

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Spiritual Development Day 3

Guard Your Words and Pray!

The Lord promises wisdom to those who ask Him.

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Spiritual Development Day 2

Forgiveness and Unconditional Love

Parenting requires forgiveness and unconditional love.

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Spiritual Development Day 1

Guilt-Free Parenting

Want to enjoy guilt-free parenting?

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