Rachel Jankovic

Rachel Jankovic is a wife, homemaker, and mother. She received her bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts & Culture from New Saint Andrews College, but mostly reads cookbooks now to avoid story grip (being highly susceptible). In 2003, she married her husband Luke, and they have five children who know how to party. Their little posse includes Evangeline, Daphne, Chloe, Titus, and Blaire. Rachel loves color, fabric, yarn to knit with, kids to laugh at, and laundry (not so much).

Hope For The Weary Mom

Hope for the Weary Mom

Gloria Furman and Rachel Jankovic share their hope and encouragement during the sweet and chaotic season of parenting small children. Barbara Rainey offers her perspective from further down the road.

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Loving The Little Years 3

Motherhood: A Job Worth Doing

Rachel Jankovic tells how she finds snatches of time during the daily rush of life to offer up prayers for her children.

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Loving The Little Years 2

Children are Gifts from God

Rachel Jankovic reminds moms that motherhood is not an opportunity to see God work in the daily ups and downs of life.

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Loving The Little Years 1

The Call and Blessing of Motherhood

Author Rachel Jankovic reminds listeners that motherhood is largely sacrificial.

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