Radio Shema

Radio Shema started an broadcasting 24/7 via FM radio in Ankara, Turkey in 1999.  When it first started, there were only about 2,500 Christians in all of Turkey, which had a 70 million population.  Today Turkey’s population is close to 80 million, including the 4 million refugees, and only about 4,500 Christians country wide.  Radio Shema now has three stations: Ankara FM 98.0 reaching 10 million people, Samsun FM 98.0  reaching 3 million people and newly opened Antalya FM 93.5 reaching 2.3 million people.  Total Radio Shema is now reaching 15% of the Turkish populations.  To learn more about Radio Shema write to: or check out their website at (click British flag for English)

Our Vision is to reconcile people to God by presenting them with a true understanding about God and what He has done for us through Jesus Christ.

Our Mission is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Turkish speaking world in a clear and understandable way using programming produced and broadcasted in Turkish.

Episodes appearing in

Barbara Rainey, Terry Ascott, and Sarah from Radio Shema talk about what life is like in different cultures around the world, and why it is crucial to keep Christ as the focal point of Christmas. View Show Notes →