Rebecca Bender

After escaping nearly six years of human trafficking, Rebecca Bender received the kind of restoration that only God provides. Now, an award-winning social entrepreneur, she is the CEO & Founder of the Rebecca Bender Initiative, a non-profit that works with law enforcement, FBI, Homeland Security and aftercare programs and provides expert testimony, trainings and consultation across the globe. She is also the creator of Elevate Academy, an online school for women who want to pursue the call of God regardless of their past. Rebecca has earned her Master’s in Christian Thought from Bethel Seminary and enjoys influencing culture by teaching biblical truths for various audiences. Rebecca and her husband, Matt, live in the Pacific Northwest with their four daughters.

Episodes appearing in

Kim Anthony talks with human trafficking expert Rebecca Bender. Bender fell into prostitution through the encouragement of her boyfriend who was a trafficker, and explains how she turned to drugs and eventually overdosed. Bender tells how she eventually escaped. View Show Notes →
Rebecca Bender went from good kid, to stripper, to prostitute. Wanting a family for her daughter, she followed her boyfriend, only to be sold for sex. How did it happen? And why was it so hard to leave? Rebecca tells her story of being trafficked and how God delivered her. View Show Notes →