Rebecca Gregoire Lindenbach

Rebecca Gregoire Lindenbach never set out to be an author. After considerable prodding from her mother (popular blogger and award-winning author Sheila Wray Gregoire), the psychology student living in Ottawa, Canada wrote a blog post that inspired her first book, Why I Didn’t Rebel.

Lindenbach grew up around words, and from a young age had a drive to use her words to help people through their struggles, even when she didn’t believe she could. She started with her first blog
(Becca the Great) at age ten, and has since moved on to help others in her current blog, Life as a Dare, where she applies her passion for psychology to achieve her own goals in life and inspire others to do the same.

The idea for Why I Didn’t Rebel came from a blog post that Lindenbach wrote for her mother after hearing about the struggle some parents have when teenagers rebel against their faith. Why I Didn’t Rebel acts as a parents’ guide for raising teens on the straight and narrow while advocating for space to let young people explore their life with Christ.

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Self-admitted non-rebel Rebecca Gregoire Lindenbach interviewed former teen rebels. Lindenbach tells what she learned from these prodigals about being heard and understood, household rules, dating, and more. View Show Notes →
Rebecca Gregoire Lindenbach looks back on her teen years and recalls how her parents responded to her mood swings and encourages parents to listen to their teens and equip them to face life's challenges. View Show Notes →