Rebecca (Rainey) Mutz

Rebecca (Rainey) Mutz and her husband Jake live in Colorado with their children. Besides writing, she loves to cook, bake, decorate, read, and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors.  Rebecca shares openly shares the story of her grief, healing, and hope in regards to her children Molly Ann, Micah William, and two others lost through miscarriage. Jake and Rebecca Mutz hope to use their daughter Molly’s life as a way to share Christ with others and bring glory to God. Rebecca co-authored a book with her mother, Barbara Rainey, called A Symphony in the Dark about their experiences.

Rebecca is also the co-Author of So You Want to be a Teenager with Thomas Nelson.

Teens Day

Dating Standards in the Teen Years

Oh, the joys of romantic love!

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Teens Day 4

Honoring Parents in the Teen Years

Teens, by nature, tend to struggle with parental authority.

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Teens Day 3

Spiritual Growth in the Teen Years

How can parents pass on their faith to their children?

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Teens Day 2

Preparing for the Traps of the Teen Years

Adolescence is loaded with traps that threaten to sidetrack your teen.

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Teens Day 1

Wise Counsel for the Teen Years

Grab a paddle and hang onto your hat!

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Tweens Day 2

Preparing for the Traps of the Teen Year

Dennis and Barbara Rainey talk about the pitfalls that lure unsuspecting teens.

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