Richard and Dee Dee Stephens

Richard Stephens is the owner of Rivertown Ford. He and his wife, Dee Dee, are co-founders of Teen Advisors, Inc. This is the mission of Teen Advisors: to empower students to impact their culture with integrity for Life through positive peer pressure. When students commit together to stand for integrity, the influence and momentum of peer pressure is leveraged for good, so the effectiveness of student to student impact is multiplied! We believe that the students who are choosing to “live real” by making integrity-based decisions are “really living.”

Teens Day 3

The “Normalization” of Homosexual Experimentation

Do teens feel pressure to experiment sexually?

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Teens Day 2

The Pressure to be Sexually Active

Is being a teen really all that hard?

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Teens Day 1

The Pressure to “Fit in”

What does it take for a teen to be popular today?

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