Rodney and Lisa Webb

Rodney and Lisa Webb are a blended family of five teenage children (2 at 18 years, 2 at 16 years and one 14 year old).They have been married for five years and live in New Zealand.

The blended family journey has been made even more challenging with parental alienation being a huge factor. Both Rodney’s ex-wife and Lisa’s ex-husband became friends socially (along with their respective partners). This alliance of the ex’s proved to be hugely negative resulting in four of the five children going to live with their other parent. The lone fourteen old maintained that she loved mum and dad and remained in the 50/50 shared care arrangement.

FamilyLife Blended® has been their lifeline. It has kept them sane and given them strategies to navigate this hugely complex and emotionally draining area of divorce, remarriage, blending families and parental alienation.

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For some couples, no matter how much they try, the venom and vitriol of a former spouse drowns out all reason and compromise. Rodney and Lisa Webb, and counselor and therapist Helen Wheeler share their difficult journey. View Show Notes →