Ron and Jan Welch

Dr. Ron Welch joined the faculty of Denver Seminary in 2008 and currently serves as Professor of Counseling. He earned the PsyD and MA from Central Michigan University. He has worked in the field of clinical psychology for over 25 years, and he has been a licensed clinical psychologist since 1997.

Dr. Welch began his postdoctoral career in the Federal Bureau of Prisons, where he worked for seven years as a clinical psychologist. He has taught at Crichton College and Colorado Christian University in the psychology department, also serving as the chair of the psychology department. Since 2004, Dr. Welch has maintained a counseling practice in clinical psychology, opening his individual private practice, Transformational Marriage, PLLC, ( in 2011.

Dr. Welch is the author of the book The Controlling Husband, (Baker/Revell, 2014). He specializes in marital and family therapy, as well as individual men’s issues. He is the author of several articles and book chapters, and has presented numerous papers at professional conferences. His current research and writing focuses on control and power in marital relationships, the interactions of attachment processes with friendships and marriage, and the relationship between hope and attachment to God.

Dr. Welch has been married to his lovely bride, Jan, for over 30 years. Jan is is a Colorado licensed teacher at a small, Christian school, as well as a private tutor specializing in working with students with educational challenges. She owned her own nutritional counseling business for many years, as well. The couple has two sons, Britton and Brevin and one grandson.

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