Ron Deal

Ron L. Deal is one of the most widely read and viewed experts on blended families in the country. He is Director of FamilyLife Blended® for FamilyLife®, founder of Smart Stepfamilies™, and the author and Consulting Editor of the Smart Stepfamily Series

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On FamilyLife Today, Dave and Ann Wilson host Ron & Nan Deal, who have led FamilyLife Blended for over a decade, but their story's far from flawless. Like all of us, they carried baggage into marriage. View Show Notes →
Parents really must work together. So, here's another tip for maintaining your parental unity. View Show Notes →
Now here's another no-brainer about blended families: adding a stepparent to the parenting team is bound to change something. View Show Notes →
Your strength in parenting comes in part from your unity as a team. View Show Notes →
Fighting barriers in your marriage? Well, here's another tip for reducing the cholesterol in your marital heart: Adapt to life, as needed. View Show Notes →
All this week we're talking about reducing the cholesterol in your marital heart. Today's tip: Spend regular leisure time together. View Show Notes →
All this week we've been talking about reducing the cholesterol in your marriage. Today's tip: Deal with problems as they arise. View Show Notes →
We all know that high cholesterol is bad for you, right? Well, here is another tip for reducing the cholesterol in your marital heart. Be a really good listener. View Show Notes →
High Cholesterol is bad for your body, right. Well here's a tip for reducing the cholesterol in your marital heart: Double check your attitude. View Show Notes →
Learning to be a good parent, in part, means knowing what not to do. View Show Notes →
Kids in stepfamilies go through a lot. Which is one reason their parent can become overprotective. View Show Notes →
Our God is a God of reconciliation. And any time we can reconcile a relationship, it's a good thing. View Show Notes →
Alright kids, stop listening. I'm going to tell your parents how to get you to stop arguing. View Show Notes →
When it comes to supporting couples in stepfamilies, everyone can play a part. View Show Notes →
In the Bible, Hebrews 12 says that for the joy set before Him, Jesus "endured the cross." Really? Was there joy in enduring the cross? View Show Notes →
Parents today use too many words. It's time we talk less, and act more. View Show Notes →
I know this couple who really get on each other's nerves. You can blame their parents for that. View Show Notes →
On Facebook, Amanda, a single mother of two, wants to know how she can date a man well and set her future stepfamily up for success. View Show Notes →
Alright parents, I'm wondering: would you rather parent half-heartedly and hope it blesses your kids, or parent well and know that it will? View Show Notes →
Well, here it is parents. The single best discipline strategy known to mankind. View Show Notes →