Ron Deal

Ron L. Deal is one of the most widely read and viewed experts on blended families in the country. He is Director of FamilyLife Blended® for FamilyLife®, founder of Smart Stepfamilies™, and the author and Consulting Editor of the Smart Stepfamily Series

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A stepdad can be a powerful influence in the life of a child. But not if he isn't trusted. View Show Notes →
Okay, I'm talking to the kids today. Have you ever noticed that sometimes when we're sad on the inside, we act grumpy on the outside? View Show Notes →
After a break up or lost relationship, I think you're ready to date again…when you don't need to date again. View Show Notes →
To better understand someone else, walk a mile in their shoes. View Show Notes →
You've heard of Heinz® "57 Varieties", right? Well, when it comes to blended families, there are 67 varieties. View Show Notes →
Because we parents love our kids, we are vigilant to protect them from harm. What's sobering though, is all the things we can't control. View Show Notes →
There are seven things the Lord hates says Proverbs 6. And the first thing on the list is a proud heart. View Show Notes →
In marriage, is "separate" ever okay? View Show Notes →
Don't fracture a child's heart. Put it together and let love flow freely. View Show Notes →
The two-step is not just a dance in Texas. View Show Notes →
Lying and hiding the truth just means you have to live in fear. View Show Notes →
Ok, stepfamilies. It's time to step down…your expectations, I mean. View Show Notes →
In some ways discipleship is simply taking off and putting on. View Show Notes →
Sometimes parents find themselves at a real disadvantage. View Show Notes →
No, we can't have you at our church because your background and past might infect everyone else. View Show Notes →
Stepfamily living…without God? Now that's a thorny path. View Show Notes →
Ron, our marriage is great. It would be wonderful if it was just the two of us but it's not. View Show Notes →
Could grace, played out in the nitty-gritty, revolutionize your stepfamily? Counselor Ron Deal chats about how to pull undeniable grace into real life. View Show Notes →
Hey, man, get a hold of yourself. View Show Notes →
When it comes to parenting united you stand, but divided they fall. View Show Notes →