Ron Jenson

Ron Jenson is an internationally known speaker, author, consultant and life coach. He has authored 16 books, sold over 750,000 CD’s and audios, personally coached top leaders from around the world and spoken for many of the largest churches, conventions and organizations in the world.

He is the creator, author and voice behind the Taking the Lead movement and is Co-founder of Life Coach Foundation. Ron has served as a pastor, parachurch leader (as the former President of Campus Crusade for Christ’s graduate schools and Chairman of High/Ground) and as a leader in the business world. Ron’s doctoral work in the area of leadership and discipleship in the church (based upon personal interviews of over 350 leading ministry leaders), and subsequent interaction with hundreds of business and professional leaders give him a unique perspective on personal leadership and kingdom impact.

Cultural Issues Day 3

Openness and Servant Leadership

Ron Jenson talks about openness and servant leadership.

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Cultural Issues Day 2

Gentleness and Communication

Ron Jenson focuses on the characteristics of gentleness and communication.

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Cultural Issues Day 1

Team Orientation and Personal Discipline

Ron Jenson talks about team orientation and personal discipline.

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