Rosie Makinney

Rosie Makinney is a writer, speaker, and podcaster, who ten years ago
entered the fight against her husband’s compulsive porn use. Through
her faithful and uncompromising stance and his repentance, counseling,
and group work, their marriage is now porn-free. From the very beginning
of her journey, Rosie has been bold and relentless about reaching other
wives struggling with porn-invaded marriages. There is now a thriving
recovery community on the central coast of California, supervised by her
husband, Mark, a certified sexual addiction therapist. Rosie is the founder
of Fight For Love Ministries, which empowers women with both the facts
and the faith to fight against porn addiction and its effects on them, their
spouses, and their families. Connect with her at

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Author and podcaster Rosie Makinney knows the aftermath of a porn-wrecked marriage. She offers hope and steps forward for a radically different tomorrow. View Show Notes →
From her own blistering story, author and podcaster Rosie Makinney offers biblically-based, proactive action to take back your marriage from porn. View Show Notes →