Sam Crabtree

Sam Crabtree is a former public-school teacher. He is currently Chairman of the Board at Bethlehem College and Seminary, and Pastor at Bethlehem Baptist Church in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. He is the author of Practicing Affirmation and Parenting with Loving Correction: Practical Help for Raising Young Children.

Sam has been married to his wife Vicki since 1973. And has written her a daily note for over 40 years.

Episodes appearing in

There is good that can come from some of our most difficult circumstances. Pastor and author Sam Crabtree speaks about the benefits we receive in practicing gratitude in the midst of hard times. View Show Notes →
How can we give thanks in the midst of hard things? Pastor and author Sam Crabtree talks about how practicing thankfulness helps us see with fresh eyes. View Show Notes →
Pastor Sam Crabtree offers parents practical help for raising young children. Crabtree reminds parents that issues only get bigger as the kids get older, so they need to address issues as soon as they see them. View Show Notes →
Sam Crabtree helps young couples understand the importance of loving discipline in their children's lives. Crabtree emphasizes that parents must mean what they say and be consistent with boundaries. View Show Notes →
Words of encouragement linger sweetly in your ear. View Show Notes →
Since all of us like praise, then why aren't we better at praising others? View Show Notes →
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