Scott Kedersha

Scott Kedersha is the director of marriage ministry at Watermark Community Church, where he has served on the marriage team for more than 12 years. Through this ministry, he has helped more than 5,000 couples answer the question, "Ready or Knot?" He lives in the Dallas area with his wife and four sons.

Episodes appearing in

Scott Kedersha talks about financial differences a man and a woman bring into a marriage. He explains to Dave and Ann Wilson why he encourages couples considering marriage to ask some hard financial questions. View Show Notes →
According to Scott Kedersha, one of the biggest issues for couples is dealing with differences. When we're married to someone who's different, it helps us become more like Christ. He reminds us that the things that drive you crazy now become so much less important down the road, on FamilyLife Today. View Show Notes →
Are you and your sweetheart on the same page spiritually? Scott Kedersha tells why it's important to talk about your faith with your fiance' before tying the knot. View Show Notes →