Susan Merrill

Susan Merrill is a wife, mother of five, director of, want-to-be blogger, and the very imperfect Merrill family manager. Susan lives in Tampa, Florida, with her handsome hubby, author Mark Merrill, and two or, depending on the day, up to five of her children ages 16 to 22. On those days she happily forsakes all other responsibilities to run a bed and breakfast / Laundromat for college students.

Mothers Day 3

Opening the Gates

Susan encourages moms to gauge a child’s maturity before giving them free reign.

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Mothers Day 2

Purposeful Parenting

Susan Merrill talks to moms about cultivating patience.

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Mothers Day 1

Daring to Parent

Susan Merrill admits that she found her mothering answers in the book of Nehemiah.

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