Thomas Shaw

Dr. Thomas Shaw (B.A., Moody Bible Institute; M.S., Ed.D., University of Tennessee) has served in Christian higher education institutions for over twenty years. He spent several years as executive director of the Alumni Association at his alma mater, the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, where he is now vice president of Student Services. He is author of Collegebound: What Christian Parents Need to Know about Helping their Kids Choose a College, co-author of Amazing Faith: Stories of Christians in Defining Moments, and has also written for Choice magazine. Tom and his wife, Carolyn, have four children and reside in the Chicago area.

Teens Day 2

What is the Purpose of College?

You go to college to prepare for a future career, but is that the only reason?

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Teens Day 1

What College is Right for Your Student?

Today on the broadcast, Dennis Rainey talks with Thomas Shaw, vice president of student services at Moody Bible Institute, about the need for parents to coach their kids as they make the big step toward the college of their choice.

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