Tim Gardner

Dr. Tim Alan Gardner is a speaker, teacher, counselor, and the author of Sacred Sex. An authority on relationships, he serves as director of The Marriage Institute, a research, education, and consulting company working to strengthen marriage and family relationships - www.marriageinstitute.org. He is also a Senior Consultant with Chorus, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in leadership development. Tim and his wife are directors of Marriage Makers, a marriage enrichment ministry. They are the parents of three children and live in the Indianapolis area.

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Bill and Vonette Bright tell the story of their wedding day. Juli Slattery mentions the need for the church to be more open about discussing blblical sexuality. Other guests include Tim Gardner and Barbara Raney. View Show Notes →
On the broadcast today, Tim Gardner, founding director of The Marriage Institute and author of the book Sacred Sex, tells of the different ways husbands and wives approach the sexual relationship and contrasts that with the way God wants us to view the sexual union in marriage. View Show Notes →
Today on the broadcast, Tim Gardner, founding director of The Marriage Institute, talks with Dennis Rainey today about God's beautiful plan for the sexual relationship. View Show Notes →