Suffering And Loss

Suffering and Loss

Dena Yohe, Dennis Rainey, and Rebecca and Jake Mutz talk about their moments of profound grief, and how it infiltrated their faith and caused it to grow.

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You Are Not Alone 3

Grief and Loss: Giving Up Your Dreams

As their daughter’s struggle continued, so did the struggle for Tom and Dena Yohe. Eventually they realized they couldn’t choose sobriety for Renee-she had to choose it for herself.

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You Are Not Alone 2

Seeking Help for Renee

As their daughter, Renee, continued to spiral out of control; Tom and Dena Yohe knew that the Word of God was their food and prayer was their lifeline. So, they asked friends to pray.

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You Are Not Alone 1

The Start of Difficulty

Tom and Dena Yohe’s daughter, Renee, started cutting herself at 12 years of age. Gradually, other behaviors surfaced including suicidal tendencies. Find out how Tom and Dena handled parenting a prodigal.

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