Tracey Eyster

Tracey Eyster is the Founder and Executive Director of MomLife Today. Tenacity and a passion for momlife has fueled her relentless pursuit of following God’s call to speak wisdom and truth into the lives of moms through writing and speaking. Tracey is the mom of two, a teen and a 20 year old and her home is regularly full of their friends as she intentionally invests into their lives. She delights in doing video interviews and exploring momlife with all types of moms. Her first book, Be The Mom is available wherever books are sold. Tracey has been a mom since 1993 and she and Bill have been married for 27 years.

Tracey Says: “Hey – I’m Tracey Eyster, Implementer of Fun and the happily in love wife of Bill! My home is constantly filled with teenagers and college students– and that’s a good thing! My daughter is a Junior in college, my son a High School Senior and each is chasing after God and pursuing their natural bent. You might find us hiking, camping, kayaking, on a horse, a dirt bike, go cart, or four wheeler, but you definitely won’t find us sitting still…for long! Intentional parenting and relationship building are a priority in our home! And for the record – I never met a fresh baked chocolate laced cookie I didn’t like and housework is highly overrated!”

Beautiful Mess 3

Courage in Numbers

Tracey Eyster and Sherry Surratt encourage moms to break free from isolation and find other moms to link arms with. Tracey and Sherry share some funny antics from their own family histories.

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Beautiful Mess 2

You’re Not Alone

Sherry Surratt and Tracey Eyster recall their 40 plus combined years of parenting and assure moms that Jesus will equip and strengthen them if they’ll just turn to Him for help and wisdom.

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Beautiful Mess 1

Hiding the Word in Your Heart

Motherhood is messy, but beautiful. Sherry Surratt and Tracey Eyster talk about gaining motherly confidence, finding a mentor, and relying on the Lord to face the day-to-day.

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Christmas Day 3

Making the Holidays Holy Days

Barbara Rainey and Tracey Eyster, tell how parents can use Adorenaments to teach their children the names of Christ.  

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Easter Day 3

Creative Ideas for Easter

Moms Barbara Rainey and Tracey Eyster share some fun ideas for celebrating Easter.

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Mothers Day 2

You’re More Than Just a Mom

Mom, has cleaning, cooking and changing diapers all day lost its luster?

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Mothers Day 1

A Family is a Ministry

We all dream of what life will be like once we’re married. But the reality doesn’t always match the dream.

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