Tracy Lane

Tracy Lane--wife to Matt, mom of 3, writer at FamilyLife --is trying to juggle the dream. She enjoys cheering on her husband's baseball team and encouraging others with the truth of the gospel. With Tracy you get what you see: a mom who carries the weight of caring for a chronically ill daughter, but is also doing her best to teach her family how to make the most of every day we are given for God's glory. Follow her motherhood journey online at

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Summertime feels like freedom to kids out of school. But a working mom's perspective is a bit different. Tracy Lane describes how she plans to make meaningful memories with her children this summer. View Show Notes →
As we approach a new year, it is appropriate to reflect and remember the good things from the year that is drawing to a close. Hear again, excerpts from some of the most meaningful interviews that aired this past year, on FamilyLife This Week. View Show Notes →
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Whether a mom works outside the home by choice or necessity, it is difficult to find a good balance between work and home. Nancy Wolgemuth, Dr. Meg Meeker and Tracy Lane offer insights and tips. View Show Notes →
Tracy Lane talks about anticipating the birth of her third child, a boy named Davis, that doctors identified as having Spina Bifida. Tracy talks about her journey towards surrender with God. View Show Notes →
Hear how three moms, Tracy Lane, Gina Flood, and Shannon Simmons, who come from different backgrounds came to different decisions for educating each of their children. View Show Notes →
Licensed counselor Ron Deal talks about the physical and emotional effects of traumatic stress, and Tracy Lane shares her experience regarding her daughter's heart surgeries. View Show Notes →
The culture doesn't make much of Easter, but believers should. Barbara Rainey and Tracy Lane tell what they do to make Easter special in their homes. View Show Notes →
It's almost Easter! Will you be ready spiritually? Barbara Rainey teams up with Tracy Lane to coach moms on how to make the most of Easter. View Show Notes →
Tracy Lane and J.T. Olson tell their stories of how others served them during their hour of great need, and how being the recipient of generosity increased their desire to help others. View Show Notes →
Barbara Rainey and Tracy Lane remind listeners that Christmas is the perfect time to tell others about Jesus, especially your children. View Show Notes →
There's more to the holidays than just baking cookies and shopping. Barbara Rainey and co-worker, Tracy Lane, share new resources that point to the real meaning of Christmas. View Show Notes →
Barbara Rainey and Tracy Lane talk about what they do on a typical Thanksgiving holiday and remind listeners of the purpose of the holiday. View Show Notes →
Thanksgiving is about gathering together to remember God's many blessings. Barbara Rainey and Tracy Lane talk about what they do on a typical Thanksgiving holiday. View Show Notes →
Barbara Rainey and Tracy Lane encourage families to read more this summer. Ron Deal shares strategies for dealing with the unique challenges a stepfamily faces. View Show Notes →
Most readers have more than one book going at a time. Gain insight into the value of reading no matter what the age from authors Barbara Rainey and Tracy Lane. View Show Notes →
Barbara Rainey and Tracy Lane help capture the imagination of far-away places as they share their favorite reads and offer practical tips on how to engage young children as well as teens. View Show Notes →