Wendy Widder

Wendy Widder started out as a fifth grade teacher. However, her love of words and scripture eventually led her to writing for Logos Bible Software.

She has a PhD in Ancient Near Eastern Studies (University of the Free State), an MA in Hebrew & Semitic Studies (University of Wisconsin-Madison), and an MDiv with an emphasis in education ministries (Grand Rapids Theological Seminary).

Growing In Your Faith Day 2

Overcoming the Fear of Rejection

Hear about the rejection singles often feel as they wait for the man or woman of their dreams.

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Reaching Out to Singles

Find out how to reach out to singles in your church by listening to Wendy Widder

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Church Involvement Day 2

Fitting In

Wendy Widder and various guests give practical advice to singles on how to become an active part of the Body of Christ.

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Church Involvement Day 1

Singles and the Church

Wendy Widder talks about what it feels like to be a single in a church made of couples.

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