Building the Christian Family You Never Had

God can redeem a troubled past. Author Mary DeMuth talks about how her life changed when she chose to forgive her abusers.

Is forgiveness the answer to your bitterness? View Show Notes →
God can redeem a troubled past. View Show Notes →

Meet Series Guests

Mary DeMuth

Mary DeMuth is literary agent, international speaker, podcaster, and she’s the novelist and nonfiction author of nearly 50 books, including 90-Day Bible Reading Challenge (Bethany 2023). She loves to help people re-story their lives. She lives in Texas with her husband of 32 years and is the mom to three adult children. Find out more at Be prayed for on her daily prayer podcast with 4.5 million downloads: For cards, prints, and artsy fun go to Find out what she’s looking for as a literary agent at