Cover Her

Does your wife feel safe with you? Pastor Rod Hairston, former chaplain to the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens, and his wife, Sheri, tell how a man “covers” his wife emotionally, financially, and spiritually. By meeting his wife’s needs, a husband creates a safe haven where his bride feels loved and cherished. Rod explains the difference between “active” and “passive” covering, as well as “corrupted” covering.

Being a husband and father isn't easy. It often requires that you do the hard thing. Rod Hairston his wife Sheri, tell what they are doing to raise the next generation to know and love the Lord. View Show Notes →
Rod and Sheri Hairston talk about a man's assignment to love and care for his family, especially when it comes to helping his children navigate relationships with the opposite sex. View Show Notes →
Pastor Rod Hairston and his wife, Sheri, tell how a man "covers" his wife emotionally, financially, and spiritually. View Show Notes →

Meet Series Guests

Rod and Sheri Hairston

The simplest way to introduce myself is to tell you about my passions. My life is centered around three simple things: a passion for God, a passion for my family, and a passion to see men succeed. My wife Sheri and I have been married for more than 23 years and have 4 amazing kids -- ages 17 to 22. I express my passions as an author, speaker and motivator of men from all walks of life -- from corporate boardrooms, to professional athletics, to local churches. Quite simply, I love to help men win personally, relationally, professionally, and spiritually.

For 14 seasons I served as a life coach and chaplain to the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens, helping them to build a winning culture among front office executives, coaches, and players. I was privileged to be a part of two Super Bowl victories -- Super Bowl XXXV and Super Bowl XLVII. My years with the Ravens were beyond my wildest dreams. There I focused on motivating men, challenging them appropriately, and helping them succeed in life. What I did on the sidelines and in the locker room transfers seamlessly to other environments.

It was a joy and an honor to work with some of the world's greatest athletes and sports minds. I now share the wisdom and insights from those years in professional sports as I speak in a variety of settings including NCAA events, corporate seminars, retreats, churches, and conferences.

Speaking to and coaching high-profile sports figures and business leaders have been catalytic, helping men experience transformation in the areas of marriage and family, career growth, fatherhood issues, leadership development, and spiritual growth. Helping other men experience championship success brings me tremendous personal fulfillment!

One of the most exciting ways I get to share my passions is as the founding pastor at Messiah Community Church, a vibrant community of Christ followers who are daily experiencing healing, strengthening, & transformation through faith in Jesus Christ. At Messiah, we see ourselves as fellow-sojourners, seeking to be more faithful as we extend the love of God to others. We're not perfect, but we strive to be authentic.

As a way of lending my experiences and passions to other people's efforts, I serve on Advisory Boards for The Freeman Institute and The Fellowship of Christian Athletes. I'm a proud Virginia Tech (Hokie) alum and native of Norfolk, VA. But since 1999, Baltimore, MD has been our family's home, and we love it here.